Education and training are critical to improving the process of conducting effective, high-quality clinical research. The CTC supports the education process through many facets. This may include educational events, ongoing support groups, online training, and announcements for local and national events.

Loma Linda University Health Education Events

CHANGING LIVES THROUGH CLINICAL RESEARCH: First Annual Clinical Trial Center Conference

All the sessions are now available on our One Portal Page.  Topics include Integrating Clinical Research and Clinical Practice, Nursing Role in Clinical Research, Successes at Loma Linda, Research Subject's Impression of Participating in Clinical Trials, Research in Ancillary Departments, Research Teams: Many Shapes and Sizes, Clinical Research Agreements: Key Issues, IRB Processes that Assist the Investigator, Data Integrity, Logistical Factors of Conducting Clinical Research: Documentation and Charge Capture, and Billing and Reimbursement Processes in Clinical Research.

If you missed our IND and IDE Day on D-Day event, visit the Education and Training Section on our One Portal Page.

National Educational Events

SoCRA - Society for Clinical Research Associates - Conferences and Education

MAGI - Model Agreements and Guidelines International

PRIM&R - Public Responsibilty in Medicine and Research