Volunteer to Participate in a Research Study

Contact the Clinical Trial Center at 909-558-5830 or clinicaltrials@llu.edu.

Across the entities of the Loma Linda University Health, researchers conduct numerous clinical trials and human studies to work toward finding cures and transforming lives through clinical research. Clinical studies encompass a wide variety of approaches. Some studies investigate the particular use of a drug or device, while others may observe lifestyle and/or behavioral changes.

Every study is reviewed by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure that all federal, state, and institutional policies are adhered to. The IRB review works to ensure that all study participants are treated in an ethical manner. Studies posted to this website have been approved by the IRB.

To search studies that are being conducted at Loma Linda University by using ClinicalTrials.gov's search engine click here.

Open and Recruiting Clinical Trials

For a list of Open Clinical Trials, please use the following document links. (For cancer related trials, see next section.)

Ophthalmology Studies (pdf)

Cancer-Related Clinical Trials

For open and recruiting cancer-related clinical trials, please use the following document links:

Adult Cancer-Related Studies (pdf)

Pediatric Cancer-Related Studies (pdf)